Reasons Why A Dog Needs To Wear A Harness

Rather than the standard collar and leash, it is really better for you to use a harness regardless if the dog that you have is a medium sized dog or a toy breed who likes to pull n his walks. A lot of small dog breed owners would rather use a harness that doesn't wrap around the neck of their dog than a simple collar that might cause stains in the fragile neck of their toy breed. The same goes for medium-sized breeds who are always pulling on the leash that they have when they are walking, therefore, making their throat and neck prone to injuries. There are also times when you will notice that your pet is already very much disturbed with the collar that you placed so maybe then you would like to consider the use of a well-made dog harness. Read on Great Dane Harness 

The dog's throat and neck will be wrapped snugly if you will place a collar in it. Be that as it may, there are times when a dog has a problem with its neck or has a weak trachea which can be caused by too much yanking on the leash or may be hereditary making a collar dangerous for it to have since it can cause the dog to choke and stop its breathing. Any contact with the dog's neck and throat will be avoided as long as you use a harness which will be wrapped in the dog's chest and ribcage giving it a secure and tight fit. As soon as the harness is already attached to the dog, you just have to hook the leash on and you can now take your dog for a walk outside. Also read on Cockapoo Harness 

There are dogs that have large necks but small heads who can easily stow away from their collars that is why a harness is also useful to these types of dogs. Some dogs really like to escape from their collars so it would be best for you to put a harness around their body so that they will not be able to cause you any more trouble. Harnesses have different sizes depending on the size of your dog and it is made out of various materials like nylon, fabric, and leather.

There are dogs that really need harness on them like Italian greyhounds, dachshunds, french bulldogs, toy poodles and a lot more but it will all still depend on the owners of the dogs. There are dogs who can be harmed if a collar is placed on them including the dogs that have just been mentioned since they are slight in stature and their necks are very fragile. View

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